What is the Noblemen Course?

Noblemen is a 12-week rite of passage to true biblical manhood. It’s a life-changing discipleship course designed for men who want to know what it means to be a godly man and how to live that out within their own sphere of influence. It doesn’t end there, though. Everything taught is designed to be passed on to help those around us flourish, so that they can do the same for others. Simply put, the men who complete Noblemen are transformed and transform those around them.

Why do a Noblemen course in my ministry?

Are the men in your ministry truly men of influence? Do they struggle with stepping up to lead? Do they lack deep, authentic relationships with other men? Has fear defined them more than courage? Do they have the confidence and skill to lead other men? Is anyone following them? Are they plagued by their struggle with impurity and shame? Do they lack peace and intimacy with God? These are questions that haunt every man.

Deep down in every man’s soul is a longing to change the world, and the world is in desperate need of men who have what it takes to do that. Yet for most guys, the world is changing them more than they are changing the world.

What should we expect to get out of it?

Expect that you and the men in your ministry to grow in the following areas:

● Courage: Resisting Fear and Passivity

● Identity in Christ and intimacy with Christ

● Purity

● Wisdom

● Work ethic

● Mentoring & being mentored

● Authentic friendships

● Relating to women well

● Accepting responsibility

● Teachability

● Evangelism

● A passion for spiritual generations

● Consistency in the Scriptures

● Leadership skills

● Servanthood

How much time is this going to take?

For the participants, Noblemen is a 5-hour per week commitment. There are 12 weeks and all assignments and sessions are mandatory for participants. For staff leading a Noblemen course, expect this to take 5-6 hours per week for your first year leading a course.

What is the timeline?

We’ve found that Noblemen fits very well into the Spring semester of a school year (and winter quarter for quarter-schools.)  It is helpful for a ministry leader to determine by Nov 1 if they’re going to implement a Noblemen Course so they can begin recruiting in November. Here is a basic timeline:

  • November/December: Recruit
  • January: Begin Noblemen Course and Launch Trip.
  • March: Boost Trip
  • April: FORT Week & Ceremony

How much will it cost?

Charge $175 per man. This will cover the cost of the Launch Trip, Boost Trip, materials, FORT week snacks, Graphic Designer for crests, and Ceremony costs. We encourage you to offer scholarships to those who need them. We encourage the men who complete Noblemen to consider giving back to their local Noblemen chapter every year after completing the course. Their giving can help subsidize scholarships and additional expenses. ($15 as a participant, $100 as an alumni are the suggested donations.)

Access to the website is $5 per participant, and $10 per host/lesser.
This is charged upon sign up.

About the Founder:

Bryce Bouchard and his wife Susan live in Norman, Oklahoma with their 4 kids.  They have been on staff with the Navigators since 1996. In addition to coaching several Campus Directors with the Navigators, acting as a liaison between Headquarters and the field and speaking on campuses and at conferences around the country, Bryce leads the Navigator chapter at the University of Oklahoma. He began Noblemen in 2004 and spends much of his time coaching and training staff and students through the Noblemen course.

Bryce came to Christ at 18 and his life radically changed.  Compelled to reach college students with the Gospel, he left his full-time job in the workplace after college and has been reaching and discipling students ever since.  Bryce met his wife, Susan at Glen Eyrie at a staff conference, the same place her parents met 30 years before!

Together, they have worked reaching Greeks, Athletes, and students in the dorms at Virginia Tech, Penn State, University of Arizona, University California Davis, and just moved to Norman, Oklahoma to pioneer a ministry among the Sooners.  Bryce’s personal mission statement is, “I recruit, inspire, and equip spiritual revolutionaries that reproduce reproducers who reach those without Christ and help instigate worldwide revival.” He enjoys restoring old cars, hanging with Susan and the kids, and cycling long distances. His life verse is Acts 13:22b “…I have found David, son of Jesse a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.”