How To Start A Course

A Leader Begins With A Vision
It all begins when a leader with a vision to see men grow in Christ decides to use the Noblemen course. He orders the Leader Package from the Noblemen Store which contains everything needed to lead, along with step by step directions to recruit and equip men.

Men Who Want To Grow
The leader recruits men want to grow in Christ. Each man orders a Participant Package which contains all the course content, videos, training and t-shirts.

How A Course Works

Weekly Meetings
The men meet as a large group and then break out into small groups of 4 to 6 participants for discussion.

Time Commitment
For twelve weeks men invest 5 hours per week into weekly meetings, daily assignments, and a few outings.

Daily Connection
Men connect daily with God through selected passages of Scripture, Scripture memory and prayer. They also connect with each other through wingman calls.

Course Culmination
Fort Week is a week-long culmination event that fortifies the lessons learned throughout the course and prepares men for the commitments they'll make at the commissioning.

Sample the Course

Week By Week Overview

For twelve weeks the men cover key topics that are foundational for Biblical manhood.


Workbooks contain video links, content, discussion questions and assignments.


Weekly videos pare with the workbooks to provide teaching on each of the topics.

Take The Next Step!

Leaders can start a Noblemen Course with men in their ministry or church by purchasing a Collegiate Leader Package from the online store.

Participants can join a Noblemen Course by purchasing a Collegiate Participant Package from the online store.