Life is meant to be lived amongst others.

From providing encouragement and correction to helping identify blind spots and offering guidance, one of our greatest assets in developing as strong and courageous men is the community that surrounds us. Through each Noblemen Group, men have the opportunity to link arms with brothers and develop lifelong, authentic relationships by intentionally choosing friendship over isolation, vulnerability over hiddenness, and impact over apathy.


Men are given the tools and practical experience that will get them on their way to becoming expert disciple makers. Our weekly training will give them the confidence, know-how, and experience needed to begin sharing the Gospel and raising up disciples who raise up disciples.


Influence and holiness require dedication.

No man impacts the world by accident. Likewise, intimacy with God is not something a man simply stumbles upon. Both influence and holiness must be cultivated day after day. Noblemen Groups are meant for men who are tired of mediocrity and are not afraid of being challenged. Joining a group means committing to 12 weeks with regular assignments and weekly meetings averaging 3-5 hours per week.


The journey to become a man of God is never over.

You can teach what you know, but you reproduce who you are. While every Noblemen Group has an official introduction and conclusion, the Noblemen vision to grow as courageous men of God is never over. Every Group wraps up their final week with a commissioning service encouraging men to continue their journey by now investing in new men. And, with your online subscription to the Noblemen Groups Hub, you are free to invite others into a new group of your own.