Questions About the Noblemen Collegiate Course:

Where does the term Noblemen come from?

Isaiah 32:8 "But the noble man makes noble plans and by noble deeds, he stands."

What are the desired outcomes of a Noblemen Group?
  • Vision and equipping for walking intimately with God and making disciples
  • Greater love for the Word and more consistent time in it
  • Greater dependency on the Lord
  • Renouncing secret and shameful ways
  • Growth in sexual purity and freedom
  • Deeper relationships with other men
  • Wisdom and godliness in relating to women
  • Increased work ethic
  • Greater teachability
  • More engagement in evangelism
  • Increased confidence in leading courageously, skillfully, and humbly
  • Greater integrity and strengthened convictions
  • Growth as a leader
  • Greater ownership and encouragement in ministry
Can I join a random Noblemen Collegiate Group or take the course by myself?

We deeply believe that community is part of God's grace to us that helps identify blind spots, strengthen weaknesses, and offer support. For this reason, we encourage everyone to walk through Noblemen as part of a group.

What is an ideal size for a Noblemen Collegiate Group?

It is ideal to have a group of at least 8.

What does a typical meeting look like?

1.5-2 hours total

  • 15-20 minutes intro (review verses and creed, announcements, discuss previous assignment)
  • 20-40 minutes teaching
  • 30-60 minutes small group discussion
  • 5 minutes wrap up and announcements/assignments for next week
How much does it cost to join a Noblemen Collegiate Group?

1. For a collegiate group leader to get a Leader's Package = $125

This initial expense is paid to Noblemen Ministries usually by the group leader and provides the following things needed to execute the group:

  • A Noblemen Collegiate Leader's Guide
  • A Noblemen Collegiate Participant's Workbook
  • A FORT week t-shirt
  • A Noblemen t-shirt
  • A Noblemen Google sheet necessary for multiple group requirements
  • Access to weekly Noblemen teaching videos
  • Leader support

2. For a collegiate group participant to get a Participant's Package - $85

This initial expense is paid to Noblemen Ministries by each individual participant and provides the following things needed to successfully do the group:

  • A Noblemen Collegiate Participant's Workbook
  • A FORT week t-shirt
  • A Noblemen t-shirt

*For collegiate leaders, we also encourage you to charge group participants a one-time fee of at least $100 that they'll pay to you to help you cover other group expenses, such as expenses for two retreats, food at weekly meetings, group materials, etc. You may find after calculating what it's going to cost you to do the group from start to finish that you need to charge more than $100. We encourage you to do all that you possibly can to have funds available to provide scholarships for students who will be unable to pay the full price for the group.

How does the Noblemen Collegiate (that provides accountability) work?

Every group participant starts with 100 points at the beginning of their group and must have at least 75 points to enter FORT week, which is the final week of the course. Points are maintained or lost based on the completion, or lack thereof, of their daily and weekly assignments. Every assignment in Noblemen has a point value assigned to it. If they complete an assignment, they keep the number of points that assignment is worth. If they don't complete an assignment, they lose the points related to that assignment. The points are tracked by each participant in your group via your Noblemen group's Google sheet, which will be provided to the group leader after they order their Leader's Package. If a group participant drops below the required 75 points, there are plenty of extra credit opportunities they can complete to recover the points they've lost. More information regarding the point system is provided in the Leader's Guide and Participant Workbook.

Point Deductions are as follows (D - Daily / W - Weekly)

  • D - Miss a daily reading (-1 point)
  • D - Miss Wingman call (-1 point)
  • W - Miss memorizing verse by meeting (-1 point)
  • W - Miss doing weekly Bible Study (-1 point)
  • W - Can't quote Creed portions by meeting (-2 points)
  • W - Missing or imperfect weekly assignments (-10 points)
  • W - Miss a session (-20 points)

Extra credit opportunities are as follows:

  • Read Shadow of the Almighty by Elisabeth Elliot and write a 1 page paperabout what you learned (+15 points)
  • Read Silence of Adam by Larry Crobb and write a 1 page paper about what you learned (+15 points)
  • Listen to Love Songs by Tommy Nelson (the full sermon series) and write a 1 page paper about how you will apply this to your life (+10 points)
  • Pre-approved community volunteering oppurtunities (+5 points)
  • Make up one missed session and write 100-word paper summarizing what you learned (+5 points)
How much time should men expect to put in outside of the actual meeting each week?

On average, in addition to the weekly 1.5-2 hour meeting, they should expect 2-3 hours of additional assignments. FORT week, the last week of the course, is much more time-consuming with 1-2 meetings every day starting Sunday evening of that week and going through Friday morning.

What is FORT week?

FORT week is the crowning glory of the Noblemen Collegiate Groups. Noblemen is much more than a Bible study where men are just given information and then a ceremony recognizing they went to meetings - it is an experience, driven by Scriptures, that both costs them and changes them if they really give themselves to it.

The idea is to have one week that is dedicated to fortifying what the men in the group have already learned and the relationships they've developed as they prepare for the commitments they'll make at the Ceremony. In almost every culture throughout the world, there exists some type of rite of passage for men. One reason we've found young men in this generation so drawn to Noblemen is that there are virtually no rites of passage in our day. Noblemen not only offers a picture of Biblical manhood and a path of how to get there, but it also gives them a rite of passage that they must undertake. The rite of passage doesn't make a guy a man, of course, but it honors his desire to feel like he's driven a stake in the ground regarding his manhood.

Describe the Noblemen Commissioning.

Noblemen Collegiate groups culminate with a Rite of Passage Commissioning. The Commissioning starts at sundown and ends at sunrise. (an all-night experience) The men start the time with 2-3 hours alone with God, preparing for the rest of the time. Then, in the same small groups they have been in throughout the course, they spend about an hour at several different stations working through Scriptures and making commitments related to different topics that they'll aim to uphold for the rest of their lives as they go.

In the morning, the men summit the mountain, hill, or whatever you have chosen for the final spot for the culmination of the experience. In future years, many of your Noblemen alumni can come back and be at the top of the mountain awaiting the men who are completing the Commissioning.

What's the difference between Noblemen and a Noblemen Discovery Group?

Noblemen Collegiate is a 12-week course. A Noblemen Discovery group is a 10-session, mini-version of the Noblemen course that each of the men in your group will be strongly challenged to recruit to and lead after they complete the Noblemen course. They can invite their friends from class, work, etc. In fact, while they're going through the Noblemen Collegiate course, one of their assignments every week is to share something they learned in the weekly sessions with men, ideally including at least some who don't yet have a relationship with Jesus. So those guys they've been sharing with throughout the course would be great people to invite to their Noblemen Discovery group. These Discovery Groups only take about 30 minutes per week and are essentially an "IBD" (Investigative Bible Discussion) based on Biblical manhood.